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 This ish Haibara <3

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PostSubject: This ish Haibara <3   Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:57 am

Hello theeere <3

This is the Profile / Member introduction from HaibaraLoverx3 Razz

Short Facts about meeh Very Happy

Heeeeyaa <3
Sooo, this ish me, HaibaraLoverx3 ... but feel free to call me Haibara, Haibara-chan or Vero xD
I'm a girl and 19 years old *sigh* SOOOO OLD!!! xD I've birthday on March, 22th << so, I'ma turning 20 years old soon x,x *I become even older ><*
I'm from germany, but my english is pretty good as well. ^^
I'm representating Misaki Ayuzawa from KWMS (Kaichou wa Maid-sama xD) She's cutey, right? :3
My style... let's say I'm more the raw-type of editing... but because I'm just trying out vegas... I might become better in a candy-style (or other styles xD)

If yew wanna add me in skype.... here ya go <3

(yes, the point at the end belongs to the name xD)

Something about meeh Very Happy

~ Editing (what else?! xD)
~ My doggie <3
~ My boyfriend -I Luv chu <3-

Favorite Anime:
~ I don't get a specifious favourite anime.
Every anime got its own interrests why I'm watching it, its own story, its own tragedy/drama/love/happiness.

Favorite Manga:
~ Moe Kare!! << it's such a cute, amazing and sad manga... yew rlly should read it!

Favorite Movie:
~ Detective Conan Movies (Movie 1-15) AND YESH, Movie 16 is in work <3<3
~ Harry Potter (LOL, nothin anime-related ... but I luv it)
- Harry Potter 7.2 came out since a looong time and I didn't get to watch it till now xD)

Favorite Book
~ I don't have a favourite book.... I read so much... but I'll always prefer crime or comedy as a theme.
And I can recommend you David Baldacci! He's an amazing writer and his books are incredible good!

Favorite Music
~ P!NK P!NK P!NK !!!! no need to say any more right? xD
~ Boyce Avenue <-- they're amazing, you can find 'em on YT xD
- listening to them will carry you to another world... you'll see everything with different eyes - I do xD

Tell us something about yourself
WEEELL... I can talk a lot of nonsense xD and I luv using smileys xD such as: ._.'' <3 Very Happy ;D
-talking to a friend on phone xD- .......
I'm a reliable, friendly, curious, funny and helpful person, which loves to make friends <3
Anything else.... you have to find out yourself 8D

About my videos

What Program do I use?
I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 10. Yeah... nothing else to say... 8D

Who/What is my inspiration?
Uhm.. lets say there are some pps... first of all... there's camichan19... her amvs are amazing <3
then .. there's kleineamy .... I know her since half a year and I love her viddis <3
they're... so emotional and she fits the scenes and emotions sooo good ...
sadly most of her videos are blocked in germany ><
I continue with Crystal-chii... I know her since 2 years! and I love her videos as well as before 8D
and then... I got inspirations by just listening to music :3
if I just hear a good song... I got scenes in my mind.. from several anime...
and I just think "yay, you have to do a viddi!" or my other way getting inspiration is watching other videos 8D

My most used Anime:
uhm... to make it short and better for your nerves xD
~ Toradora!
~ Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
~ Magic Kaito
~ Detective Conan
~ MM!
~ Shugo Chara / SC Doki!
~ Air

What is the most important thing on my videos?
I think its the story/emotion and the scene-fitting.
Maybe I'm not as good as much others because I sometimes don't go with the flow.
Maybe I'm not carrying about any effects...
but I like 'em.. and other like it to - I hope so xD - and thats what I count on.

So, that's all....

Haibara-chan. ~
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PostSubject: Re: This ish Haibara <3   Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:26 pm

oh sweeeeeet, for a second i thought i was the only old editor <.< and our birthday are only days apart! XD
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PostSubject: Re: This ish Haibara <3   Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:30 am

xDDD... *saw this response after I posted yours* *sigh*

NEEH? Very Happy amazing, isn't it? xD
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PostSubject: Re: This ish Haibara <3   

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This ish Haibara <3
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