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 Anna's here ! :3

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PostSubject: Anna's here ! :3   Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:26 am

Profile from AnnaAsakura0


Short Facts

Name: Anna
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: 10th February
Country: Argentina
Skype: annita-sama
Raw or Candy: Candy :PP
Represent Character: Haruno Sakura-chwan *-*

About Yourself

Hobbies: hmm .. sleeping (yeah, I sleep a lot ) xD
Favorite Anime: many ! I don't have one xD
Favorite Manga: Shin Sekai Yori & Aki Sora (yesh, I'm a pevert ! ) xD
Favorite Movie: probably would be .. Naruto the Movie: Road To Ninja .. or Fairy Tail's movie :PP
Favorite Book: I don't read that much.. xD
Favorite Music: Pop & Rock .. I suppose .. Punk too *-*
Tell us something about yourself: well .. I'm a bit shy, so.. Embarassed

About your Videos

Programs: Sony Vegas Pro 8 and AE (only for ONE effect )
Your inspiration: reverhied . GOSH! She's AWESOME !
Animes you use the most: mm.. Naruto ONLY with NaruSaku .. I think it's the one I use the most xD
What is the most important thing at your videos? : I always try to follow the lyrics and the rythm, I don't like my videos to be too fast or too slow :PP .. and I mask almost all the time :PP .. I'm kinda obssesed with masking :PP
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Anna's here ! :3
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