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PostSubject: IIXMagicXII   Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:29 am

--GOMEN! I've been really busy lately and not had chance to get used to this website^^' It confuses me a little but I'm starting to get the hang of it!--

Profile from IIXMagicXII

Short Facts

Jess or Miharu :3 If you ever forget just call me Magic, lots of people tend to call me that when they first meet me~
Shemale~ Very Happy ... FINE!! FEMALE!! Gawd what do you want from me?!
19th June
United Kingdom<3
Raw or Candy:
Represent Character
Kyoko Sakura

About Yourself

Editing, reading manga, watching anime, going out with friends.
Favorite Anime:
Kuroko No Basuke + Ao No Exorcist<3
Favorite Manga:
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ;]
Favorite Movie:
The Hunger Games, Breaking Dawn Pt 2 (that shizzle was amazing *o*), The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (TPOBAW) (PATRICK X CHARLIE FTW! XD)
Favorite Book
The Hunger Games Series, The Twilight Series, (I would love to put TPOBAW here but I have not yet read the book, I'm getting it for christmas :3)
Favorite Music
Electro, Dubstep, stuff that makes you dance and bob your head ;D (My favorite songs are Witchcraft by Penduum, guess who introduced me to that? THIS STUDIO!! 8D and Dirty Mind 3OH!3)
Tell us something about yourself
Urm, I'm kinda normal. Don't have lots of friends but I'm not a complete loner. I spend most of my free time editing, watching anime or reading. I'm average at school, predicted Bs and Cs for my GCSEs. I'm really shy to people I don't talk to but when I'm close enough to someone I go all out because I know I don't have to worry about being ditched. ;D (I learnt that last year.. A WHOLE YEAR I WAS IN A GROUP WITH NO FRIENDS. IT WAS HORRIBLE! :C I got all awkward when people talked to me so everyone pretty much gave up =_=). I may come across as stupid and paranoid. When I make mistakes I get all hyped up but after a while I relax. 8D Editing is my life, I can't imagine living without it. Same with anime and manga, with my GCSEs coming up I probably seem as though I don't care about not editing, I really do care. The only subject I shine in is Infotech and I want a job to do with computers or editing. SO YEAH. Oh, also, when I start typing it's hard to get me to stop and I'll end up giving my whole life story. ;] PFFT. NOT LIKE I'VE JUST DONE THAT OR ANYTHING, HEH.

About your Videos

Sony Vegas Pro 11 (my baby<3) + Newblue FX
Your inspiration
tehninjarox (he taught me that you don't need effects to be an amazing editor~)
Animes you use the most
When I do candy amvs I use a mix of masks I have and shizzle, I don't know the name of a few of them though.. I edit a lot with Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Mirai Nikki. Now that I've found yaoi and finished Kuroko No Basuke they'll be a big part of my editing~
What is the most important thing at your videos?
Emotion and story line. I like making videos that have a purpose, whether it's to make you laugh, make you cry or make you angry. xD In my candy amvs I kinda just randomise everything but tbh in those I concentrate more on text and effects rather than anime. But with my raw amvs I like to give it meaning. Like with my newest one (may not be newest by the time you read this) but my first Kuroko No Basuke one. I wanted to show how awesome the last game was and show Kise's(my husband<3) and Aomine's rival relationship~

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