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 Studio situation.

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PostSubject: Studio situation.   Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:51 am

Hey all of you.

Guess you might know what I'll be talking about. No? Then listen/read and change something!

This is MY statement about the actual studio situation. I hate it. Really. But just listen now. You can tell me your opinion after you read all of this thoughts. (Its IMPORTANT for some reason!)

You maybe think about this too. Yesh. Gosh, where should I start?

We ARE 22 people (including me and leader + co-leader) ... and we ARE about 7 people ONLY who really care about the studio! I don't want to put up names here; and I don't count those who're official inactive (due to school or whatever).
I guess you'll know if you're one of the 7 pps who care.. Just have a look on yourself and what you've done with/for FNS lately.
I mean. MAN! we're 22 pps and it CAN'T be that only 7 of us are rlly into this studio -.-
Guess some of you might "hate" me now. But I can live with that 'cause its a fact that we're a main studio and I LIVE and LOVE this studio till death!

Its a fact that ONLY 7 of us care about the studio.
Its a fact that not even all of us do MEP-Parts in time / tell the leaders about it.
-> Just remember the last MEP for the tournament. I know that you might be busy and all. But GOSH. THIS WAS A CHANCE TO MAKE THE STUDIO MORE POPULAR! That's a fact again!
And how does WE look like NOW?! We didn't even finished the MEP. We MISSED the deadline and
ONLY 3 Parts from 9 Parts were finished! I'll not tell names again. You all know who has finished the part, who not. I'm sure that won't be good for the studio. And that's SAD!

Its a fact that FNS is going down if it moves on as it is now. A studio can't live with people who don't care / not answer mails / don't join MEPs.
We wanted to be a family. Where is it? Where is this "family-alike" being? Where is this feeling, doing something GOOD and have FUN while doing it?

Ya know. I have THOSE questions while editing an FNS-Part:
Will this MEP see daylight?
Will ALL people finish their parts IN TIME?
Will even all parts be taken? And if not. Is there a replacement for those parts?

That's nothing negative. I only want to show you that I care about the studio... And I don't know. But maybe some others have those questions too?...

If you see this as a negative thing - the questions I have - then you should feel disappointed now. Because you think I don't trust you?
Lets say. I trust those who never missed a part or a deadline. I trust those, who at least tell Alea / Nici that they can't do it! And that's not mean from me or such. Its just the way I feel and think.
Its like school. You won't do a project with someone in your class if you'd know that this person won't be there if you need him/her.

You might say I should leave the studio, if I can't work with it that some of you are inactive for some reason. That's NOT the fact!
The fact is that I want to show you that we're actually doing something, which ISN'T good. Not for us, not for the studio. And its NOT FAIR! Not fair to those who finish parts. Not fair to Nici, who almost host the MEPs herself. Not fair to those who're waiting for the full MEP - no matter if they joined or not.

By the way. "Some of us" is easy spoken. 22-7 = 15. Means; 15 of us are inactive (with or without reason.)

Lets say in short words: I LOVE this studio. Its my MAIN-Studio which I care about. I'm going through hell with it if it comes to it. I don't want this studio to break down only because members aren't willing to do something (not meant to those who told Nici/Alea about their inactiveness)!

I guess everyone get the point now.
If you're a person who cares about the studio. Help me and all other active once.
If you're a person who came to think about it. CHANGE SOMETHING! FAST!

PS: I'm sure this isn't a nice theme. Its nothing you want to read. But its the truth just now. And I wanted to clear up things - hopefully to the positive - before its too late!
So. Answer this. I beg you. Don't let FNS fall behind your sight.
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PostSubject: Re: Studio situation.   Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:51 pm

i really do agree with you, i wish that we were more active too, and i know im not one to talk because i don't talk much with you guys and im sorry, im never on skype when you are and im really shy when you guys are on so i don't say much.
i hope you can forgive me, and i hope we can make this studio active again! \(^w^)/
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PostSubject: Re: Studio situation.   Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:56 am

Hey Haibara

Uhm I don't know where I should start here, because I really think this is my fault. I was the one, who was inaktive for about more than 1 1/2 months and Nici had a lot of problems and needed my help and I .. I wans't there for her and for all of you.

I am really so sorry. You know, I could tell you things about how hard life and school is, but you all know how hard it is and you are able to tell me, when you are inaktive or cant do a part and I , I didint tell anything and just wanst online for so long.

I cant be so hard with any member, so I dont think, that there are just 7 people left, who care about the studio. I think in the deepest part of their heart. everyone cares about it, because we love them and so they will love us back.

About the questions, you are asking yourself, there is a simply answer: I was the one, who did all this. I was the person, who did maybe 2-4 parts pro mep or who asked other members, if they could do it. I wrote members a lot of mails about the deadline and missing parts and I was always able to finish a mep and bring it to the daylight. The only reason why you are asking yourself such questions is, that I wasnt there. If not. the b-day mep would be there and the tournament mep too.

There are always some inaktive members and they will always be there. Every studio has them and we have them too. The point is, how many of them do you have. And its no wonder that we have so many inaktive members, when the leader isnt online at all and didint do her parts, too.

So, forget about all the meps and projects who are there. Dokomi is at may. We have enough time for this and I think we should start with an innocent 0815 (<--german Wink) simply mep.

So that everyone see that I am back and knows that the studio will be better, than this.

Thank you so much for being still there.

I love you.


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PostSubject: Re: Studio situation.   Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:43 am

So you're back now?
I guess Nici will be really glad to work with you again. You know. we've talked a couple of times about this situation and that she rlly don't has any nerves to do any more then this due to her school and all.

I'm sure you're busy too. No way that I can dismiss this... But ya know. being "Leader-less" for 2 month or such isn't good for a studio - even worser for a main one.
And you should rlly show up once a week Sad ...

And that the Bday-MEP is undone. As well as the tournament has just the reason that many Members of us haven't hand in their parts. I think I've wrote it earlier too.
See. Nici and also me were able to take over a part. But doing 6 Parts... is way too much.
Sorry. I guess they all got their reasons. But yesh. They could at least say a word...

You see. Nici and me are amazing good friends -Soulmates *w* - and that's why I know such things. Pls don't get angry on Nici. That's not what I want to cause.

I'm rlly sad that the Bday-MEP didn't turn out 'cause I made an freakin' Intro. I amazed myself with it xD I've never thought I'd make it good. but yesh. If I'm allowed to upload it you could see it. And I guess you all would be amazed to. ;D

But uhm. I think thats not my problem; even if I think about how to solve it 'cause I rlly like you ... and I love Nici. And I also like all Members personal. But I rlly dislike them when they don't say anything and don't do their parts in time.

Sorry guys. You know I like all of chu. But that's just something I rlly hate. Maybe because I had so much other studios or real life situations where just weren't any reliance in other members, friends, etc. coming to the point that we split up - the friendship, the studio whatever.

Nya. I think I was rlly frustrated when I wrote this. I'm sorry when I make any of you upset or angry. Its my opinion and my way that I think about.

But maybe you talk to Nici in private. I'm sure that she'll have a lot of things to say to you. You should work up with her now. (not meaning that she's angry) - but I think there are a lot of informations you may should know....

Some positives:
I'm looking forward for the Dokomi-MEP <3
and hope that this studio work well from now on ....

I love you too. (You all.)
-> How couldn't I love you when I'm addicted to this studio? Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Studio situation.   Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:23 am

Haibara is right...For these 2+ months I wished for new MEP come out or that tournament MEP...I wish that more members would be active..I understand how hard is school and other things but why can't just come in to the forum and see what's new? ( Or be online on skype Very Happy )
I really love this studio because it has a nice people in it and I really don't want to be this studio so inactive or something else...
I know that some of you have more than 1 main studio what? Don't hate because of this but....Why you are so inactive? Because I have 4 main studios and I love and care about them all *^* And again...I really really love and adore this studio because it was my first studio *o* And I love all members in it because all of them are really kind and was nice to me...I wish that this studio would be more active!!!! Smile))
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PostSubject: Re: Studio situation.   

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Studio situation.
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