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 here comes Nici =D (I'm the last one or!??)

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PostSubject: here comes Nici =D (I'm the last one or!??)   Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:43 pm

Profile from (YouTube nick)

Short Facts

Raw or Candy:
I think I don't really use Raw that much, because I think then it looks maybe not always great and maybe boring!? And Candy... I will learn it, but I'm not good at it xD I use more effects that fits good to the mood of the song
Represent Character
Erika Sendou - Fortune Arterial (You must watch it!!)

About Yourself

Reading, watching movies, talking to my wifey and souly (VEROOO <3 <3), go to cinema, editing, my dogs <3 ^^
Favorite Anime:
I don't really have one, but I love: Fortune Arterial, Code Geass and Otome Youkai Zakuro the most I think ^^
Favorite Manga:
I don't really have one, cause I don't read them really ^^''''
Favorite Movie:
to many xD
Favorite Book
Crime, something to laugh, but I don't like sad books!!!
Favorite Music
I hear everything I think xD
Tell us something about yourself
I hate this part........... Okay: So: I'm a nice, crazy and friendly girl, but sometimes I don't have a good mood. And... when you wanna know more about me, talk to me. I'm really bad at this kind of things xD But very important for me is, that I will always help my friends and when they have a problem and be sad, I always want to help them and then I'm sad too when I can't ^^'

About your Videos

Sony Vegas 11.0 and Gimp (seldom)
Your inspiration
I think I dont have one. When I listen to music, I always think about what I can do with it or I make it snap ^^
Animes you use the most
Fortune Arterial, Shugo Chara, Otome Youkai Zakuro, Code Geass - but mostly in the last time I use Animemix ^^
What is the most important thing at your videos?
Ähm... The feeling of the video should fit to the song, timing and the effects ^^

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here comes Nici =D (I'm the last one or!??)
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